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COVID-19 Updates

August 24

Emergency Rental Assistance is available in New Jersey

April 21

Rental Assistance Is Available to Help Tenants and Landlords 

You might qualify for rental assistance, even if you are not facing eviction. There are many state, county, and municipal programs that can help you during the COVID-19 crisis. Each program has its own rules for who is eligible. Here is a list of resources for you to contact. We will update this page as we learn of more programs. NJ COVID Housing Assistance Programs

In times of crisis, there are many questions that arise with each changing day, as we navigate our way through the myriad of issues and concerns facing individuals with disabilities, and the loved ones that care for them. We’ve created this site to answer the call for information, gathered in one place to help those in need. As New Jersey’s designated Protection and Advocacy agency, it is our mission to preserve the human, civil and legal rights of persons with disabilities, empowering equality through persistence, awareness and expertise.

Below you will find a collection of important links that may be of help to you in your quest for information. Please also take a look at our FAQ pages for answers to issues facing the Developmentally Disabled community and concerns regarding the Economic Stimulus & Social Security benefits.