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Community Inclusion

The Disability Rights New Jersey Community Inclusion team focuses on legal issues that affect people with disabilities who live in home or community-based settings.  These settings include privately owned or rented residences, or licensed settings like group homes, supervised apartments, or residential health care facilities.   

How We Help 

Guided by Disability Rights New Jersey’s priorities, the Community Inclusion team empowers individuals to advocate for their own rights with legal advice, technical self-advocacy help, and training sessions whenever possible.  In addition, the team will take certain individual cases for full representation.  With an emphasis on people with disabilities who are part of historically underrepresented or marginalized groups, all the team’s activities contribute to comprehensive work plans that aim to address systemic legal problems that make it difficult for people with disabilities to live as fully integrated members of society. 

The Focus of the Community Inclusion team 

The Community Inclusion team consists of one supervising attorney, one staff attorney, two law clerks waiting on admission to the bar, and a paralegal.  The team actively focuses on abuse and neglect in licensed community settings, access to home and community-based services, discrimination, transportation, voting accessibility, and self-determination.  The team strategically engages with state regulators, educates lawmakers and the public from a rights-based perspective, and develops litigation strategies, when necessary, to carry out its goals.  

If you live in the community and need our help, call Disability Rights New Jersey’s intake unit or use the online intake form above.